Friday, April 13, 2012

I enjoy Yard Selling

Today we woke up early. Well, earlier than normal! haa haa! To do some local yard selling. One of the local neighborhoods was having their annual Spring Yard Sale. We hit a few that were good, my lil girl always finds good stuff! (I think at her age, you can find anything!)

MY Score of the Day was a package of (12) Pumpkin Spice Green Mountain K-Cups for .50!! !! Yes, I said FIFTY CENTS! A box of these range from $10+. I was stoked. I'm thinking she bought them not knowing what they were. (she was an older lady) Her daughter didnt even know what they were.. LOL Her loss my gain! I was so excited, totally worth the waking up early..  

Do you Yard/Garage Sale?? Whats been your greatest find? I love to hear the awesome deals folks can score.

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