Thursday, September 22, 2011

Possible Job Offer

Well this morning I received a phone call. A lady I babysit for from time to time was curious if I had any plans today. Her son was sent home from the Daycare. I didn't have anything set in stone so I said of course I can come over!
 So I packed up my daughter and her school supplies and headed off to a day of babysitting. He is a joy to watch, very mild mannered. He was one of my favorites in the Center where I worked! We had a good day playing together, as he wasn't sick they just didn't want to take a chance, in case it was pink eye. (yeah, don't get me started on daycare!)
 Her and I have talked about it before. Me becoming their nanny. They have 2 kids and one on the way. I personally would love to. I can take my daughter with me. She gets to be around kids of different ages. (similar to her having siblings) I can still do field trips etc. . Not to mention the money would really benefit our family at this time. So, once her husband arrived home from work I addressed the concerns they had. I'm praying for God's will in this situation. My husband has an interview next week that will have him home with us at dinner every night. (Instead of the 2 nights every two weeks) That job comes with a pay-cut of course! So, just praying for God's will and whatever happens happens.
 So, it was a nice, cool, rainy day today. We had fun and enjoyed a hot bowl of homemade chili for supper!
Hope everyone is doing well tonight. I'm getting excited to see my husband this weekend for a day or so, since he has to come home for this interview.
Remember to enjoy the Simple Things In Life! Life is too precious to rush through and not see the real joy in things! <3

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