Saturday, September 24, 2011

Well, I was excited

So, I receive a phone call early evening. My husband said he thinks he broke his toe yesterday so he is coming home early. The original plan was to work half a day tomorrow then head home.
So, I got all excited. Threw the last of the laundry in the washer and prepared for my husband to arrive a day earlier than expected.  We had dinner, cleaned up then watched Foyle's War. (I highly recommend this British Suspense Series, I'm hooked) By this time it was after 9:00 and I had not heard from him. I gave him a call, (after noticing he did call, my daughter failed to mention it) he said they didn't finish till after 7:00, which would have had him driving till after midnight. :( So, we go with the original plan and he comes home tomorrow night. :( I am sad, I was excited to see him, to have that extra time with him. It's just not fair. Our time apart has been more than together. The Military took that from us, now that we are no longer Active Duty, it shouldn't be this way. . I keep praying for a miracle. .  I just want to have him home every night, in our own home. . .

  To read more about the Series I mentioned go here:

Have a wonderful night!

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