Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Charmin Toilet Paper .26 a Roll!

So, thanks to: Couponista Queen for sharing this deal! 

I just purchased 24 (Double) Rolls for $24.53 on Amazon! YES! I'm so excited, we are moving next month and will have to restock up on all necessities! I'm very excited. 

Go Here: Amazon TP Deal Be sure and clip the .25 coupon towards the middle of the page. (it is green) Plus when you sign up for the Free Subscribe and Save you save an additional 15%! ! Making this deal around .25.5 cents per roll! ! Now, I personally dont have a Stockpile price on TP but I hear that the norm is .20, but with the constant rising prices its harder to find it for that price. 

$24.53/96 (reg) rolls=$.25.5 cents! 

I just ordered one myself. Which seeing as I had Amazon Credit from Swagbucks it didnt cost me a penny! ! Even better! ! 

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