Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Friday Eve

Hello Friends! Hope you all had a nice day. The weather was gorgeous here, but alas I was stuck inside. I'm prepping clothes for our local Kids Resale Event! I'm so excited, this will be my first time consigning. I hope to make enough to buy shoes and leggings for my little girl! :)
   I didnt realize how MUCH work one needs to do in the prepping process. I'm just thankful that I dont have to print and tag my items! All I have to do is, sort, iron, safety pin, and then put tags on them. The Event will actually print the labels and put them on my tags. I drop off and will make 70%! ! Nice, not too shabby.. lol

Thats about my day. I'm awaiting word on some Reviews, so stay tuned for them. I'm excited to do another Giveaway! If you have not already, be sure and enter my Current Giveaway.

Have a fantastic Friday Eve.

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