Thursday, October 13, 2011

Its Craft Fair Time

The Smell of Kettle Corn and Roasted Nuts is in the air! Our Yearly Fall Craft Fairs have arrived! They start on Thursday and go through Sunday. Its a HUGE thing in our area. We have several all over North West Arkansas. Craft lovers from all over drive here to do their Christmas Shopping. I love this time of year. I LOVE Kettle Corn, in a real Kettle!!  (Not that stuff you get in a bag and put in your microwave-although its ok)   We will probably head to town tomorrow and taste all the wonderful yummy dips and sample the roasted almonds!  I will be purchasing the BIG bag of Kettle Corn this year. All three of us just love that stuff!!  

Do you have local craft fairs?? Whats your favorite thing about them??  

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